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We are unapologetic, we wear our outfits daily with commitment.  It's what we showcase in our different designs.  It's stylish, bold and simple but elegant.  With us there is no grey areas.  Our designs is as we are.  It's not for everyone and we are fine with that. 


But we assure you, that you can wear us with your head up high.  We believe in women, the beauty we carry and the power we possess.  We love what we do, pulling in different designers to create our unique look, may you feel as special wearing it as we have intended.   

Jo Matthys Tee White

R380,00 Regular Price
R304,00Sale Price

    This is a fitted design Tee, made of a stronger fabric that helps tuck in those unwanted flab areas, making you look more sleek and finished.

    It's soft and comfortable, they are branded with a very bold but sleek "Jo Matthys" logo accross the chest.

    This Tee can be dressed down with jeans and sneakers or you can kick off the sneakers, pop on your heals and throw down your hair, you are ready to hop out and about.  These Tees look just as great with your pencil skirt and cropped jacket; ready for the office. 

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