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ABOUT Mc Alpine Mc Alpine as a brand is all about comfort, quality and unique items that will last a lifetime. We aim to design, create and produce clothing that we are proud of and confident our customers will look exceptional in. We firmly believe in the concept of slow fashion as it encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste. We are at the point in climate change, where changing bad habits tomorrow will be too late for the future - we need change now. We leave you with the quote of Anne Klein "Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will."

Check it Circle Jacket

R1 500,00Price
  • An easy to wear and even easier to style coat. This coat comes with a self belt included or you may style it with a bold belt of your choice. This coat has no sleeves, which makes it perfect for winter layering and being busy as your arms are free to work. Our signature over sized pockets adds to the playfulness of this beauty.

    When it comes to sizing, this coat is available in two sizes. Extra-small/Small and Medium/Large. The Extra-small/Small is best suited for a petite stature with narrow shoulders (Cross Shoulder measurements between 34cm-39cm). The Medium/Large is best suited for broader shoulders (Cross Shoulder measurements between 40cm-48cm).

    Fabric: Brushed Melton

    Color: Tan

    Care Instructions:

    We prefer you wash your beautiful new garment by hand, in cold/lukewarm water with a gentle detergent (Dissolve the detergent in water first – never pour the detergent directly onto the garment) but if you absolutely have to machine wash, we understand (we are all busy ladies), please use a cold/lukewarm GENTLE machine cycle and place garment in a laundry bag. Do not tumble dry. Flat dry when washed.

    Steam or cool iron only.

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